About Us

We have a keen interest in developing small business and fortify them with all the necessary support required to grow into a bigger and competitive industry.
Aside from helping these businesses grow with the supply of funds and professional consultancy, we also engage in an intense market research peculiar to each business to ensure that each business plan is perfectly designed.

Our Mission

We strive to provide you with the best funding options along with consultancy through our professional team with dedicated strategies, delivering a pleasant and fruitful funding experience with us.

Our Commitment

We have a structured plan for each business which we put in maximum dedication to ensure that every business we support enjoys services at a lower cost in order to maximize profit. If you desire to see your business grow tremendously, we are the best option to choose.

Your business will thrive on a magnificent support structure giving it a boost and making your dream come true. We will help you transform your ideas and dreams into reality by helping you with funds and also put you through as you take each step.

Our Vision

Vantisco Global envisions to be a one-stop funding solution with our resource partners through the acquistion, development and Production of quality assets and reserves in a safe, profitable and responsible manner.


Our aim is to provide our clients with the best support
and we do this with certain guiding principles that we have imbibed
over the years to ensure excellence in our services.


We adopt top-notch ethics that are strictly within the confines of the code of conduct.

Team Work

We use a team-based approach in handling the services rendered to our clients. We believe that shared knowledge improves productivity and this in result will provide a perfect result for our clients.


We strongly believe in achieving extraordinary results and this pushes us to go beyond the average in providing exceptional services to our clients.


We are courteous and transparent in our dealings with clients, colleagues, and partners. For this cause, we have built an outstanding reputation gaining our client’s trust and confidence. The success of our client’s business is our priority and nothing else.


We adopt a bottom-up research and critical analysis to aid us in discovering reputable companies that trade at reasonable values.

DISCLAIMER: Funding involves risks of losses such as illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution which should always be taken into consideration. You should always understand risks before you decide to fund. Funding opportunities provided by Vantisco Global are not regulated by Monetary Authority Singapore (MAS). Clients are advised to do their own due diligence before making any funding. Tax also varies accordingly to situation and time. We do not make funding recommendations to you. No communications from Vantisco Global, through this website or any other medium, should be construed as a funding recommendation. We only give you information about funding incentives and opportunities while you make decisions on your own. Other than that, we do not provide you any legal advice, or advice on tax or finances. For any such advice, contact a lawyer or a professional.

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